Why should you use a Crystal Halberd Osrs 

The Crystal Halberd Osrs is a very powerful weapon that can be obtained in game. It is one of the best weapons for Slayer Monsters and other players who want to train their Slayer skill. The halberd osrs has three different states, each state becoming more powerful than the last with use. To unlock all 3 stages you will need to spend 300 rune coins or trade items. This article will provide how to get crystal halberd osrs as well as how it works and how to maintain its power so you can continue your training!

A Crystal Halberd Osrs is a two-handed weapon that can be used to attack at range or up close

As such, it is one of the only weapons able to hit at range and close range. You can use it as a cape to perform the ‘Dharok’ special attack on your opponent if you have unlocked this move for your account. Slashing attacks will do similar damage as an abyssal whip and crushing attacks will be more powerful than a mace. This makes it easier to train Slayer if you are able to obtain a crystal halberd osrs because you will be doing damage that is comparable to high level weapons while maintaining the same level of experience.

The Crystal Halberd Osrs has the fastest speed of any melee weapon in the game

This makes it useful for training Slayer because you will be able to get more experience faster by killing monsters at a faster rate. It also increases your chance of killing monsters since they don’t have time to attack so often. The faster speed also means that attacking with the halberd osrs will drain your opponent’s health quicker, allowing you to get more experience points so you can level up faster.

It’s possible to use abilities with this weapon, making it an ideal choice for someone who wants to have more control over their combat style

There are many different abilities that can be used with a Crystal Halberd Osrs, so you will be able to find one that fits your playstyle.

The Crystal Halberd Osrs has high DPS and low accuracy, so it should only be used by players who are skilled enough not to miss too often

The Crystal Halberd Osrs has high DPS but low accuracy, so it should only be used by players who are skilled enough to not miss too often. This is because you will lose a lot of XP if you miss your hit, and the ability deployed for this weapon won’t do much in terms of damage. Only use this weapon if you know how to use it properly!

How to get Crystal Halberd Osrs

The player can obtain the crystal halberd osrs by purchasing it from the store or obtaining it as a drop from slayer monsters. A player could also purchase it with rune coins and trade items. Purchasing a Crystal Halberd Osrs from the store requires purifying a corrupt slayer gem, which can be obtained by completing a task in the greater demon slayer quest. The player also must have an Attack level of 80 or above and a Slayer level of 75 or above before they are able to purchase the crystal halberd osrs from the store.


The Crystal Halberd Osrs is a powerful weapon that players should consider obtaining. It is able to deal high amounts of damage and you can swing it quickly which will help you knock out an opponent more easily than most other weapons at your disposal. After using this weapon for a bit you will have a better understanding of how to use it and you will be able to perform heavy blows on your opponent which is a powerful asset in PvP.

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